Erfahrungsberichte aus Brighton

Franziska Ohlig

Oh my god! First day of vacation and first day of my trip to Brighton with iSt.

I am as excited as anyone could be, I did not sleep well last night! At the airport my friend and I met a nice woman from iSt who told us what to do to get the right plane to Brighton.

Finally, we took the right one and slept happily while we were flying to our dream destination.

3 weeks all alone in a foreign country. We must have been crazy when we booked this, what an adventure! But everything was very well organised so we did not have any reason to fear.

When we arrived, our host families took us to their home and introduced themselves and their life in England. They also told us which rules they have and what we are allowed and what we are not allowed to do. F.e we had to be at home at 11o´clock. Our house was kept in order, it was clean and very british, nice! Some of the other pupils shared their host houses with other foreign students, but nobody else stayed with us.

In the first days we experienced Brighton and its culture. The atmosphere was unique! The beach on your right hand side, the big shopping malls to your left hand side in the heart of Brighton and everywhere you looked students from all over the world who took part in the same or in other language courses in Brighton, too. And of course there were some other big highlights: the Brighton Pier, where you can buy and eat candies, the Old Steine with the great parc and the big fountain in the middle. Close to it, you can also find the Royal Pavilion, an old palace, which we visited. Amazing!

Another really amazing thing was our school. I thought of everything, but not of that! It was an expensive and beautiful boarding school with many new and modern appareled class rooms.

We were divided into three different groups. Our class lasted from 9 to 12, every hour another teacher, but the lessons were not this hard, we talked a lot and had long discussions on serious topics, f.e family problems, but we did not have to write that much or even learn vocabulary or anything else!

After school we always had the possibility to join some activities, f.e water sports or visiting some sights in Brighton and near Brighton. These activities are also good organised and do not cost anything. They were great fun and I really recommend everyone to take part in it! By the way, you get to know the other pupils better.

In case you are not in the mood to do something in group you can do something else on your own, this is not a problem!

Saturdays we went to London (two times) by train (50 minutes). We were allowed to go wherever we wanted to go, some went for shopping souvenirs, others visited the National Gallery.

Time went by and we got used to the life in England and its culture, but it never got boring!

Faster than we wanted 3 unforgettable weeks passed by and we had to say goodbye to our new friends who lived in every part of Germany.

My conclusion:

The best holidays without parents I’d ever had, because of the nice people, the great destination, the sights, the best activities and the good organisation and lots of more!

I really recommend a language course with iSt, I would always travel with this organisation again.


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